Now Everyone Can Read Hands-Free!

Most book rests, book holders or book stands need to sit on a flat surface such as a table, tray or desk. The Book Seat is a unique Australian design that will mould and shape to sit at any angle on any surface. Polystyrene beans inside allow it to snuggle into any position, making reading in bed more comfortable than ever before. No more cold or aching hands. It can even be adjusted so you can read while lying on your side. The Book Seat can mould and shape to sit on the arm of your favourite chair. Or almost anywhere!

The Book Seat’s unique and adaptable design is so versatile that it is suitable for novels, hardbacks, Tablet Computers (eg iPads, Android tablets etc) Magazines, electronic readers (eg Kindle, Kobo), puzzle books, and many other electronic devices such as portable DVD players and hand held gaming consoles. Many say “It’s the most comfortable way to read Hands-Free!”


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